Thursday, February 7, 2008

Empryean's Beer Quest

So, we have had a rather slow couple of weeks here in Nebraska beer world so I thought I would post some ramblings of my recent beer history and what I got set to get judged for the Empyrean Ales Beer Quest.

Well, this is my second beer quest, the first one I entered was for Belgian wits, Biere de gardes and Saison I believe. I entered my Belgian wit, which my wife throughly enjoys, but did not make the top ten. This of course doesn't suck that bad because then I get to drink it myself. So this time I made a nice, very session ale, Scottish -60 that is about 3.5%. I personally don't expect to make the top ten again, while this beer is tasty, it is only 3.5% and is very light. It has great flavor and is almost exactly what I was shooting for but it will go up against some great competition. If I were to make it to the top ten, I will get destroyed in the public tasting as they usually will go for the over the top flavor profiles. When you tasting a bunch of really flavor filled beers with pronounced hop and malt character with the body of a 5 to 7% ale and then drink mine, it will taste like water and will fail miserably. Oh well, I do this contest for me not for the public, I can't help it if they are stupid. LOL, just kidding.

Last night was our second to last night of our basketball league, we got slaughtered, but true to form we went to the local, in this case Arnold, pub and had some drinks. I am sure you could imagine the selection. So I decided to be adventurous and try some PBR, I have seen them win 2 straight years at GABF and always thought that was funny. Granted, winning in the water category isn't that big of an accomplishment but it does mean something. So I gave it a try. This will be my go to beer from now on when I am with swill drinkers and there are no other options. I suppose I could not drink but where is the fun in that. Oh sure, PBR is kind of trendy right now, but seriously, it had some resemblance of malt character and body, it was truly weird. What was even funnier were the jokes and sneers I was getting from my teammates for drinking crap beer, while they pounded their Coors Light, Busch Light and Bud Light.

Well, that is about all I have today. If you entered any beer in beer quest this year, tell us about it. If you think my PBR thoughts are ridiculous, feel free to tell me too.

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