Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Great News in Kearney!!

I received word from Rich at Gottberg the other day, and confirmed it with Trevor, that Thunderhead won some medals at the International Mead Festival last week.

Gold - Braggot division - Tiny Tim

Silver - Braggot division - Golden Frau Honey Wheat

Some other great news from that competition is Kearney homebrewer Kim Harold won a Gold in the Pyment division in the homebrewer class.

So a big congrats to Thunderhead and Kim, wait to bring it home in the largest Mead competition in the world, I believe.

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Paul said...

Hey gang - first, a gold in an event such as this is a tremendous achievement but until you really try the example - you never really know...

I was through Kearney a couple of weeks ago and was able to talk Trevor out of a growler of Tiny Tim. I felt a little guilty for asking for so much of it but Trevor was very gracious and agreed to sell it.

I hadn't gotten to it until tonight - Holy cow - I'm blown away! This is an absolutely awesome beverage. Incredible complexity, an awesome taste profile with the spices taking center stage - but not overdone.

They got it right when they awarded the Gold here - congratulations. You did a wonderful job here.

My wife and I are going to finish the growler and wind up sorry I hadn't tried to acquire 2.

For the readers that can get there - I know he put 1 more keg on - absolutely worth the drive.

I'm going to be talking about this one for a long time. Thanks.