Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Empyrean Rumor

Information of a new Empryrean beer was brought to my attention recently. A forum poster on beeradvocate.com states they may start distributing a new Belgian Wheat (Better World). Can anyone confirm whether or not they have this in the works, and what would be the current timeline for release?



CJ said...

You know that seems to make sense to me. Jim E. at Empyrean has said to me many times that the best selling beer for Boulevard in Nebraska is Boulevard Wheat. So much so that Boulevard doesn't really try to push anything other beers to draft accounts. This information seems to be very accurate if one travels to pretty much any bar in Nebraska and asks for a beer other then Bud or Miller. Usually the wait staff will offer you Boulevard Wheat.

So, it makes sense that Empyrean would push a wheat into the market. I drank samples of a wheat beer made by Empyrean that I found pretty darn tasty. And Wheat beers and even German Hefe's are my least favorite styles.

Peace out

Nate B. said...

I saw this on the board and had Nick post it. I sent Jim E. an email to confirm it or deny it and will post the reply when i get it.

I would agree with you CJ, good assessment. The bar that I go to out here actually broke the mold and has Goose Island 312 on tap, their wheat, not a big fan, but I don't like wheats unless they are a GOOD wit! LOL!

Brent @ Beertopia said...

I can’t confirm it with 100% accuracy but I was told the same thing awhile ago, long before the post on BA.

Nate B. said...

I have received detail information on this issue and a few others from the horses mouth. I will post it later today.