Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Empyrean Beer Quest

Just got the news that the next BeerQuest is set. Here is the info. They have also updated their website.

I just updated our webpage with some new features about Beer Quest including a brews profile of our IPA winner.
Check out the update at
Our next Beer Quest begins almost immediately. Registration will begin on Tuesday the 27th after the holiday - the best way to return to work after a long weekend is to spend your first 1/2 hour figuring out your recipe!
Beer Quest XperimentAle Details
Perhaps a better name for this would be "bring on the Gruit, Saison and pumpkin!"
For you early planners here's what we are thinking: As always we'll have a selection of malts and hops for you to choose from - all other ingredients are up to you. Adjuncts in any form are most welcome, sugars, other cereal grains, vegetables, fruit you name it. Spices and flavorings are also very welcome. Yeasts will be limited to Ale and beer strength and conditioning time for our production beer can not exceed 25 days - meaning no lagers or lacto/brett conditioning time
and no high gravity/high octane beers - 16 degrees Plato is the top end of gravity we want to see.
You'll have roughly 10 weeks to make your beers - beers will be due for the elimination round on August 13th.

Who can make the most exciting and drinkable beer from non-traditional (or very-traditional in an old-world sense) ingredients?
Think it over and if you want to throw your mash paddle into the mix look for the registration forms on our Beer Quest page next Tuesday at Noon.

One last note - All past winners are now listed on the brewers profile page please let me know if I misspelled anyone's name. I'll make the correction.

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Brendan said...

No brett/lacto = Boo!

That's why I'm not in this one, it's not because I got dead LAST in the Public Round for IPAs. Honest.