Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Farnam Nano/Benson Brewery Article

Update and article on the Farnam Nano and Benson Brewery.

Late week the OWH posted this article.

The article talks about what the guys behind the future Benson Brewery and Omaha Brewery (to be located downtown) have for an additional brewery in the historical 40th and Farnam area.  The article calls this location a microbrewery and the guys wanted us to clarify that for them.  This will be a "nano-brewery" focusing mainly on one-offs and some cask beers.

These guys seem really committed to the craft beer scene in Omaha as well as Omaha in general.  I know everyone is looking forward to what they come out with soon.  They did tell us that everything is progressing very well at the Benson location, their first location to open we assume.

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