Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jake's Friday- Lincoln: Sofie Paradisi & Zipline Country White/ Omaha: LOF Pluot & Paardebloem

From Jake's Cigars & Spirits:

Friday (5/24) tapping parties for the Lincoln & Omaha Jake's

LINCOLN JAKE'S: We have two new ones on deck for our weekly tapping party!

First off is Goose Island's extremely limited Sofie Paradisi.  In the regular version of Sofie, the ferment a Saison-style ale with wild yeast and age it in wine barrels with orange peel.  In this special version, they have used a different wine barrel, and instead added grapefruit peel.

This one has seen very limited distribution, so do not miss your chance to try it!

We are also very excited to get our hands on another Saison-style ale from our neck of the woods. Zipline has been rocking it, and we are tapping their latest creation Country White.

Brewery description: "Zipline Brewing Co.’s Country White Ale is a sessionable farmhouse ale—the product of our efforts to design a summer-time Belgian-style ale. We wanted a fresher and more drinkable brew than the typical “Wit” style, so we used a farmhouse yeast strain to achieve a dryer, more drinkable profile. To further separate the Country White from the Wit style (which is commonly brewed with dried orange peels), we used fresh Valencia oranges throughout the brewing process to add a hint of citrus to the beer. And, to maintain a strong local tie, we use 200 lbs of Nebraska organic, rolled white wheat in every batch. After you park that lawnmower, Country White Ale will be there for you all summer long…"

5:00 pm Jake's Lincoln (14th & P St.)


OMAHA JAKE'S: We will be having a fantastic double tapping party with two new ones from New Belgium's Lips of Faith series.  A Brettanomyces fermented ale using plout fruit, and a great collaboration with Red Rock Brewing Company (Salt Lake City) where they used dandelion greens to bitter a Belgian-style ale.

Pluot- "Hook up a plum with an apricot and they’ll make you a pluot. This sweet hybrid fruit is as refreshing as it is strange, and it’s the perfect starting point for our new Lips of Faith beer. Pluot Ale pours a bright, light golden. The aroma is full of fruit tones and distinct esters from blending the funky brettanomyces and our house Belgian ale yeast. The flavor carries the same weight, adding a spicy, vinous subtlety to stand up against the malt backbone. To build a beer around this worldly fruit is purely Belgian in imagination. Pour some Pluot and enjoy!"

Paardebloem- "Using dandelion greens to bitter a Belgian-style ale blossomed from our brewers collaborating with Red Rock Brewing. These being our sixth interpretation together since 2008, expect a wonderfully complex ale fermented with wild Belgian yeast and blended with just a touch of wood-aged beer. Bitterness imparted from dandelion greens and grains of paradise will have you blowing wishes for sips."

5:00 Jake's Omaha (62nd & Maple)

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