Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Brew Haha 2013

When: Thu, Sep 12 from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Where: Stinson Park, 2285 S 67th St, Omaha

I recently interviewed Kevin Engelkamp regarding this year’s Brew Haha being put on by Habitat for Humanity of Omaha…



Give me a little background on the event.


Brew Haha is an amazing event where local breweries & restaurants donate their time and wares towards a great cause, Habitat for Humanity of Omaha.  Habitat Omaha is an organization whose mission I feel very strongly about, and I’m very excited to be involved in the Omaha Young Professional’s signature event in support of it.
For your readers who don’t know the mission of Habitat, it is simple: eliminate substandard housing.  Since their inception, Habitat for Humanity of Omaha has built or renovated more than 360 homes for local families.  Each year, thousands of donors and volunteers partner with Habitat Omaha to make these homes a reality, building stronger neighborhoods and affecting measurable, tangible change in our community. 
This is our seventh annual Brew Haha, and our third located at Stinson Park.  Brew Haha has seen year-over-year growth, a trend we hope to accelerate in 2013.  Last year we raised funds in excess of $59,000 for Habitat for Humanity of Omaha.   As our growth has accelerated so have our goals; we are looking to surpass these numbers by a significant margin this year.  I think the event aligns nicely with the growing trend of local and regional craft beer enthusiasm, as well as with the rapidly expanding number of beer related events in the Omaha area.


What does the event look like this year?


We’ve gotten super positive feedback from  the vendors who have participated in the past;  they seem to really enjoy the experience.  For them, it is not only an opportunity to support a charity that they know will have a tangible impact to the local community, but a great and (importantly) inexpensive form of grass-roots marketing.  The majority of vendors re-up for the next year’s event as soon as the current event concludes.

This is the list of beer vendors on-board for the event as of 8/1:

• Lagunitas Brewery
• South Omaha Brewers
• Home Brewers Local 402
• Boulevard
• Empyrean
• Lucky Bucket
• Upstream
• Railroaders Brew Club
• Anhueser Busch
• Crown Imports (corona, pacifico)
• Blue Blood
• Green Flash
• Tallgrass Brewery Co
• Shilling Bridge Winery & Microbrew
• Goose Island
• Summit Brewing Co
• Funkwerks
• Moonstruck Meadery

We are committed to bringing as many craft and local beers to the event as possible and are still seeking additional participants.


What will you have in the way of food?


We are excited about having one of the largest food sponsor lists in the history of Brew Haha this year.  We are still seeking additional vendors, but the list as of today includes:

• Blue  Sushi – Sake – Grill
• Zin Room
• Roja Mexican Grill & Margarita Bar
• Green Belly
• Alotta Brownies
• Taste
• Island Seasons Food Truck
• Blatt Beer & Table
• 7M Grill
• houte pop COUTURE - Designer + Sweets
• Dante - Pizzeria Napolitano
• D Delectables

We have more vendors in the works that we can’t discuss at this point, but be sure to check our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/habitatbrewhaha) for all the latest updates on our brewery & food vendors.  You can also find all of this info at www.habitatomaha.org/brew-ha-ha.asp


Anything else you want to add?


I’m sure that most people will be interested in where that good chunk of money raised last year went and where it will go this year.

The Habitat Omaha Young Professionals group (Habitat YP) was founded around five years ago with the mission to engage young professionals to influence positive change by promoting home ownership throughout our community in partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Omaha.

In 2013, the Habitat YP committed to fundraising for an entire house. That is a commitment of $100,000! The money raised from Brew Haha goes directly to Habitat Omaha to support the building of the YP house.

The Brew Haha will provide the largest part of that funding, along with other events such as Band Build (a fundraising concert at The Waiting Room), More information regarding the Habitat YP can be found at www.habitatomahayp.org.

We’ve started a Facebook page for the event at www.facebook.com/habitatbrewhaha and will post updates there as we bring on brewers and restaurants.  We also have a Facebook event, where people can RSVP and invite friends they think would enjoy a fun event for a great Omaha cause. http://www.facebook.com/events/1405408466337583/

To purchase tickets, or find the latest as far as sponsors, please visit www.habitatomaha.org/brew-ha-ha.asp

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