Monday, September 16, 2013

Cut Spike Vodka Arrives

Cut Spike Distillery is releasing their newest spirit this week, Cut Spike Premium Vodka. Check out the press release below:
Cut Spike Distillery, Formerly Sòlas Distillery, To Release It’s Next Spirit, Cut Spike Premium Vodka
LA VISTA, NE – Cut Spike Distillery, formerly known as Sòlas Distillery and the sister company to Lucky Bucket Brewing Company, is pleased to announce the release of their second distilled spirit, Cut Spike Premium Vodka. The new spirit will land on shelves in the metro Omaha market the week of September 16th, and will also be for sale at the distillery.
Cut Spike Distillery is currently the only production distillery in the Omaha area and prides itself in producing only premium spirits. Cut Spike Premium Vodka is made from American grains and limestone-filtered water sourced from the Sandhills of Nebraska. The highest-quality cut is taken from the distillation column where it’s further distilled into its purest concentration for a smooth finish.
This news comes only a month after the release of the newly re-named distillery’s first spirit, a single malt whiskey, which was widely popular in the metro area. The distillery was re-named to better align with its sister company and proudly displays Lucky Bucket Brewing Company’s philosophy of doing as much as possible by hand. Its distilling process even features two hand-pounded copper pot stills from Edinburgh, Scotland, home of the world’s great Scotch whiskey distilleries, which were vital in producing this fine tasting vodka.
“We loved to see how enthusiastic people were for the whiskey to be released and we’re hoping they enjoy our vodka as well,” said Founder and President Jason Payne. “We really care about the product we put out there and it’s always exciting when the response is as overwhelming as it has been.”
Mike Cunningham, Director of Operations and Head Distiller, added, "We are excited to re-release a vodka that we’ve been working to improve over the last 12 months. It will be nice to have it back in our line-up.”
Cut Spike will be releasing its last spirit into the market over the next year. Cut Spike Barrel Aged Rum will be released in 2014. Cut Spike Distillery is located at 11941 Centennial Road in La Vista, Nebraska. For more information, please visit and


Anonymous said...

Cut Spike is one of the best I've had!
Rauf A.

Anonymous said...

Cut Spike vodka is one of the best I've had!
Rauf A.