Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Homebrew Classes - Patriot Homebrew Supply

From their newsletter...

You have the option of purchasing three individual classes or the Brewer's Bundle which includes a brew day!


*Classes 1-3 are $20 per person per class or
*The Brewer's Bundle includes all three classes listed above plus a brew day (class 4) for $85

Class prerequisite is a copy of the book “How to Brew” by John J. Palmer. You can bring in your copy or purchase a copy at Patriot Homebrew Supply for $19.95.

Payment options:

-Call into the store, 402-991-6655, and pay via credit card
-In the store to book your class via cash or credit card


1) Ingredients 101

This TWO HOUR course will introduce you to the four components of beer (yeast, hops, malt and water).  This will include hands on sampling; tasting grain, smelling hops and the characteristics of yeast.   You will also be introduced to the regional varieties of ingredients.

Dates available: Tuesday, November 5th or Thursday, November 7th
Timeframe: 6 to 8pm
Max attendance: 12 people

2) Equipment and Brew Day Preparation

This TWO HOUR course will offer an overview of basic brewing equipment, sanitation/cleaning, brew day preparation, and bottling.  This class will include practical exercises involving the use of the equipment.

Dates available: Tuesday, November 12th or Thursday, November 14th
Timeframe: 6 to 8pm
Max attendance: 12 people

3) Beer Styles and Recipe Building

This TWO HOUR course will introduce you to common beer styles and converting them into a homebrew recipe.  Liquid and dry malt extract recipes will be the focus.   After this class you should be able to build your own ‘kit’.

Dates available: Tuesday, November 19th or Thursday, November 21st 
Timeframe: 6 to 8pm
Max attendance: 12 people

4) Brew Day

This TWO HOUR course is a culmination of the previous three courses.  Operating in two person teams you will brew a one gallon extract batch of wort.    

Date available: Thursday, December 5th
Timeframe: 6 to 8pm
Max attendance: 6 people
**This class only available with the purchase of the Brewer's Bundle

Upcoming classes to be scheduled: All Grain Brewing, Wine Making

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