Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Duffin Knudsen Hop Growers Harvest News

Local hop growers, Duffin Knudsen, have sent along some news about this years harvest. See the release below.
Duffin Knudsen (DK) Hop Growers near Fremont, Nebraska is witnessing an exceptional crop this year.  The farm has over 1,100 hop crowns and more than 4,500 bines producing Nebraska Quality Hops.  The farm’s trellis system is constructed of 22 foot natural cedar poles with thousands of feet of aircraft cable and natural fiber ropes for the hop bines to climb.  Major producing varieties include Magnum, CTZ, Cascade, Nugget, Chinook and many additional test plots.  
DK Hop Growers was created by partners Silas Clarke, Shad Clarke and Nick Petersen.  As most good ideas begin, the commercial hop yard was “beer talked” for a couple of years as they watched their personal homebrew hop yard produce a good product.  “We (brothers Shad and Silas) talked a close friend (Nick Petersen), who provided the farming incite we needed, into the venture of creating a commercial hop yard,” Silas stated.  This year ten Nebraska breweries have committed to purchasing DK’s Hops so far and their wet hops are being shipped as far as San Diego, CA.
Duffin Knudsen Hop Growers, along with all of the commercial members of the Nebraska Hop Growers Association (NHGA), have proved quality bitterness, flavor and aroma can come from the hops growing right here in Nebraska. Beers with DK Hops and many other Nebraska growers will be on tap and in cans/bottles soon.

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