Thursday, November 20, 2014

Scratchtown and Modern Monks Releasing Maple Donut Porter Collaboration Tonight

Maple Donut Porter? Yup, the brewers at Scratchtown and Modern Monks have collaborated to make just such a beer. I wonder if the sprinkle flavor comes through in the finished beer?
Scratchtown Brewing Company is excited to announce a keg tapping of a new beer tonight: 447, a Maple Donut Porter. SBC Head Brewer Mike Klimek and Modern Monks brewer Bob Myers are the crazy brains behind this unholy but o-so-delicious creation.
Two dozen donuts were used in the mash and maple syrup was added during the wort boil. More maple syrup was added during packaging, giving this brown porter a slightly sweet taste with a hint of donut on the nose.
4.5% ABV, $4/16oz. serving.
More information about Scratchtown Brewing Company can be found online at or

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Anonymous said...

Word on the street is the donuts were made by local Lincoln bakery, Conroy's. Mmmm mmmm, good!!!