Friday, December 12, 2014

Blue Blood Hosts Homebrew Day Every Second Saturday

Photo courtesy of Casey Diekmann

The second Saturday of each month throughout the winter, Blue Blood Brewing in Lincoln will host a homebrewing afternoon at their brewery, starting December 13th.  The idea is to give people a place to gather, brew, and hangout. They will be opening the place to the first 20 kettles, and will provide the crushed 2 row, and the brewers can brew whatever they like! Homebrewers just need to bring their kettle and mash tun plus any specialty grains and hops.

Blue Blood's Brian Podwinski said about the event "This is how we started, and in the winter it's hard trying to find warm brew days, so why not here?".

For more info, visit the Blue Blood Facebook event page HERE.

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