Friday, March 24, 2017

Spilker Ales closing in Cortland, announce final tours

When:  Thurs/Fri. Apr 6-7th, 3-8pm, Sat. Apr. 8th, 12-5pm
Where:  Spilker Ales, 300 W. 4th St., Cortland, NE

From their email release---

Greetings from Spilker Ales, we've got some BIG changes happening.

The good news is that Hopaluia will live on, but produced in a new location. We've moving production of Hopaluia draft beer to Thunderhead Brewing in Axtell, NE thanks to a great team effort.

The other news is that April 6th, 7th, & 8th will be your last chance to celebrate Spilker Ales'  Frankenbrewery experience in Cortland. After 21 years of operation, we'll be ceasing production in Cortland and we'll be giving the brewery a great farewell with an open house, tours, sampling, collectibles, and food vendors on that weekend in April.

You won't want to miss the keg load of fun here in Cortland on those three days in April. Those will be the last days you can buy bottles of our Technique DPA. The last sips of Sonar JAM or Sonar Tropic Grunge ever sampled and the last brewery tours will surely be the best! Besides Technique DPA, Sonar Botanic Punch, and Hopaluia, we'll also have bottles of Apricot Jackpot for sale in 22oz bottles. No limits on any case buys, we'll have enough. Apricot Jackpot has a big stone fruit aroma and flavor with a lightly hopped background.

While Hopaluia keg beer will stay in production, the rest of our lineup will be phased out of distribution sometime this fall. Eventually Sonar, Hopaluia bottles, and Technique will come to an end in late 2017. The first batch of Hopaluia kegs brewed with our added teammates tastes like a piece of liquid art! We've brought a lot of wild and wacky techniques to the new home of Hopaluia and now there are plans for the beer to live on in cans within a year.

From Sam Spilker, owner/brewmaster---

We are extremely grateful to everyone who has supported us throughout the years. I know many of you went above and beyond with your help! In addition, we look forward to keeping Hopaluia, the "Gospel of Hops", flowing that so many of you love. Special thanks to the support of my wife Lisa over the years as well as Lonnie Mulder for getting the dirty jobs done when it counted. The relationships we've made are priceless and will never be forgotten. Though its likely that brewing won't be my main occupation in the future, there still may be a very unique venture or two for Spilker Ales in the years to come. Please stay in touch!

See you in Cortland soon and don't forget to bring your friends and family to get the last tour of a pioneering brewery in Nebraska. Cheers! Sam Spilker---

For more information, visit their website or Facebook page.

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