Friday, November 16, 2007

Beertopia Anniversary Party

It was a great time at Max & Joe’s (Crescent Moon’s Belgian bar/party room) last night. Bill and the Beertopia crew hosted an event to celebrate Beertopia’s 1-year anniversary.

It was all free...5 tasters and snack-type food. Plus they had giveaways all night. I won a case of Tommyknocker beer, and my wife won a Left Hand fleece jacket. Also, that's my daughter in the car seat...starting her off right.

There was pretty much the entire line-up of Tommyknocker beers and there was the following Left Hand beers:

1. Snowbound (Winter Ale)

A slightly sour aroma with some astringency. Light brown to light amber with nice lacing. A somewhat astringent and sour flavor with strawberry in the background.

2. Warrior Fresh Hop IPA

Like the name says: “fresh hop” aroma...very pleasant, not overboard. Orange to light brown with good lacing. Somewhat over-hopped flavor, but not like some IPAs can be...a hint of sweetness. Good mouthfeel.
3. Goosinator (Smoked Doppelbock)

My favorite of the night.

Medium smoke and slight malt aroma. Brown to amber with great lacing. Pleasant smoke flavor...not overpowering. Medium mouthfeel.


Nate B. said...

There a times I wish I lived closer or in Omaha, this would be one of them. Looked like a good time and someday I will make it there.

Glad to see you have as much problem as I do working with pictures on this site. LOL!!

nickspies said...

Yeah, the photo capabilities of the blog are terrible.

CJ said...

Yeah, besides being able to live closer to good friends such as Nick and Todd. The only reason I would want to live in Omaha is because of the Crescent Moon. Bill is doing wonderful things there.

Peace out