Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Monks have shown themselves

Here is a release secretly delivered to the Blog for our viewing pleasure read and seek out the cup, I will be buying my first growler this evening and will be sure to review it shortly.

The Modern Monks are Brewing

The Brothers of the Holy Order of the Modern Monks are proud to announce that they have resurrected brewing operations at the Chicken Coop Sports Bar & Grill in Grand Island, Nebraska! Brothers’ Cup will be the first beer released from the Modern Monks LLC. The Brothers’ Cup is a beautiful mix of malt, hops, and yeast. The malted barley used in Brothers’ Cup comes from Germany, Belgium, the UK, and the USA. The hops come from Germany and the USA. The yeast was originally sourced from a Trappist monastery in Belgium, and cultured here in the United States. With the Brothers’ Cup, the Modern Monks have brought the world’s best ingredients together in an ale that is light in color and body with plenty flavor and distinction. Complexity and drinkability combine harmoniously in the Brothers’ Cup, just the way it should be. The Monks don’t rely on heavy handed trickery in their Cup. At 5.5% ABV the Brothers’ Cup packs plenty of flavor, without packing you in for the night. Have one with lunch (that’s what the Brothers do) and have a couple with dinner. You’ll be extremely happy you did.

The Modern Monks are an eclectic group of brewers, from diverse backgrounds, that all share a deep (almost unearthly) passion for truly special beer. As a creative sub-division of Thunderhead Brewing in Kearney, Brother David, Brother Robert, Brother Matthew and Brother Christopher have joined together to turn their individual visions of wonderful, hand crafted beers into reality. As artisans, the Modern Monks put their own stamp on each unique creation. Devotion to beer is not an easy task, nor a profitable one. The Monks all have full time jobs and families, yet manage to find time to brew 100 miles away from home when they have a free weekend. Untold minions have already given their alms and devotion blindly. Brother Trevor of Thunderhead Brewing has been instrumental by proclaiming his faith in the Monks; beer once again lives in long forsaken fermenters.

The Monks do not compromise on ingredients or creativity. The results are distinctive, high quality, characterful beers. The Brothers draw inspiration from the traditions of Olde World brewing. The Olde World (with its history, culture and diverse, highly local beers) has greatly enlightened the Monks. Today, there are few surviving Olde World family brewers clinging to the tradition of hand crafting beers of character in small batches. It is from that Spirit that the Order of the Modern Monks was chartered. The Monks are a coming together of traditions old and new. Their beers are hand crafted in small batches, and never filtered or pasteurized.

Look for the Brothers’ Cup and future Modern Monks beers on draught at Thunderhead Brewing and at the Chicken Coop Sports Bar & Grill. Select locations in Lincoln and Omaha may also be graced by the Brothers’ presence. The Monks are brewers and artisans first and business people someplace later. You can help the Modern Monks in their quest to conquer tap lines in Nebraska by demanding your local haunt partake in the Brothers’ Cup!! Not only will you get to feel good about helping the little local guys living off their passion, but you’ll get to drink some tremendous beer at the same time. Good feelings galore!

The Monks are already ruminating about future offerings. Some members of this congregation may remember the smoked bock that was brewed at Thunderhead Brewing earlier in 2007. There is a strong chance that the goat will return. Maybe a look back at what beer was like in the US before the Great Experiment? Maybe….who knows, small batch brewing offers lots of flexibility, and the Monks aren’t short on ideas. To keep track of what the Monks have up their sleeves, check out www.modernmonks.com. Even though one of our Brothers may hate technology, we’ll continue to add new and exciting things to the website. We’ll also let you know where the forbidden ales might be flowing. Those that seek shall be rewarded with the Brothers’ Cup.



nickspies said...

I have consumed several cups of brotherhood...wonderful beer!

CJ said...

Thanks Nick!!! Feel free to leave a more in depth review if you like.

Peace out

Eric said...

Any idea about which locations in Omaha and Lincoln are among the selected?

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

Our first batch was all sold to the Thunderhead and Chicken Coop.

Batch 2 is ready to keg, but still in the fermenters. I imagine Yia Yias will take one, but we'll be working with other places to hopefully find an account or 2 that might keep it on more regularly. Bread and Cup has expressed interest in having at least a keg or two.

Lincoln is the next step for us. So we are taking suggestions from people!

Omaha is another story, as the Thunderhead doesn't currently have any distribution in Omaha. Since our 'monastery' is actually in Lincoln, it makes more sense for us to concentrate our limited time building relationships with bars and restaurants here in L-town first. Just getting to Omaha and back is 2 hours of time that we aren't spending with our families, our jobs, or our brewery.

I can foresee Bill putting us on at the Crescent Moon sometime in the not too distant future, but for now I'm not sure that Omaha will see much more than that. Of course, if we had somebody that was really interested in featuring it, that would be a different story.

Thanks for the interest!


nickspies said...

I've put my rating and comments on ratebeer.com (3.8 out of 5).