Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nebraska Brewing Blog Post

I have attached a really good article/Blog posting on the upcoming opening of NBC. I look forward to seeing what is done with this and hope to get out there and see it for myself real soon. Here is the post.


CJ said...

Interesting blog. I for one hope that NBC makes it, and makes it big. There is room for more Brewpubs in Omaha....but NBC had better be ready for a fight. They had better be ready to produce beer as good as Upstream, or dare I say even better. Zac really knows what he is doing IMHO!

Oh, and they will have to deal with the Applebees type crowd in Omaha as well. It seems to me that chain restaurants rule in Omaha. Drive into the North West side of Omaha and you can find a couple of hundred of chain eateries with in a few square miles. It is a dog eat dog world in Omaha for new restuarants.

I would like to wish NBC all the best. I will be stopping in as soon as they open. I met Paul this summer while judging beer at the State Fair. He seems like a business man that has his head on straight. He talked about all the homework he did before entering this venture, and it seems to me that he knows what he is getting himself into.

Let's just hope that all the cards fall into place for his business.

Good Luck NBC!!

Peace out

Eric said...

I definitely think the Omaha area could use another good brew pub. I can't wait to check it out. I'm interested to try what looks to be a pretty standard line of four main beers, but I'm also hoping there's room in the future for Paul to bring his homebrew spirit to the pub with some rotating specialties.

nickspies said...

Good luck, Paul! I'll be there Saturday.

Paul said...

Thanks for the encouraging words gang. We do our first of the mocks this morning so the opening is technically, but not officially underway. Public opening this Saturday. I just wanted to give you a quick update on the beers. With the hectic schedule we've not been able to get the Flash code modified to properly reflect our opening beers. We're still juggling brite tanks and getting that aspect honed but we have either in brites or in fermenters the following beers: Cardinal Pale Ale, Belgian Wit, Nut Brown Ale, Irish Red, EOS Wheat, Dean's Holiday Ale, and the IPA. Hope this helps and I hope to see you all soon - Nick, if you drop in just ask for me and I'll get you in behind the scenes a little. Thanks again. Paul

Nate B. said...

That is great Paul, thanks for posting this info and letting Nick in behind the scenes. I look forward to giving the beers a whirl one of these days.

eric said...

Wow, that's quite a line-up for an opening. It's going to take a few trips to Omaha for me to get the full experience.