Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Upstream Brewing on The Brewing Network

This Sunday Zac will be featured on The Brewing Network. If you have not heard this show it is about 2 hours of great times with a lot of goofing around and about an hour of hard core beer related info, be it how to make it or speaking with accomplished brewers on how to make it.

The Session (Sunday Show)
Sunday, December 16, 2007, 5:00pm PT

This will be our last show of the year, and we've got a GREAT one planned. First, we'll visit with Upstream Brewing from Omaha Nebraska to find out about the brewery and distillery too! Then it's the second annual Brewing Network Awards (BNA's) where listeners, brewcasters and guests will all be rewarded for their triumphs and folly's alike. Finally, we'll wrap up the program with new chat moderator Beevo breaking in the newest addition to the BN Studio...tune in to find out what... As always you can join the fun in our chat room by clicking the chat now button, or call in and participate at 888.401.BEER.

All times Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8)

I know Zac will do a tremendous job and be meet with tremendous praise and admiration. I recently sent in a request that they call Zac and set something up and I know that Chris and Wayne have done the same. Looks like it paid off.

You can tune in LIVE, this Sunday night at 7pm central time 5pm Pacific. They have a chat room that is pretty fun as well. If you enjoy sitting around drinking, talking about drinking and making fun of other people while learning about beer this is great time and I highly encourage you to listen. You can also download the archive a day or two after the broadcast from iTunes or their site.

This is by far my favorite Podcast/Live Radio show on the internet and I encourage you to take a listen if you haven't. Let's represent Nebraska well!


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I listened to show was great. I'm glad to hear about the startup of the distribution business. I hope this goes well, which it should if their currently sales of bottles is any indication.