Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nebraska Brewing -Video

Just pulled this off Nebraska Brewing's website. They just had a video done of their brewing process. Pretty cool deal and a pretty well done video. Here is what they posted on their website.

We were fortunate to have UNO Student Bryan Kohler visit us for a documentary a few weeks back and we've been able to post an excerpt here.

Unfortunately, we had to cut the video down a little to fit on YouTube but we've still been able to display Bryan's work in fine form.

Paul Kavulak, Dean Dobmeier, and Tyson Arp take you through Nebraska Brewing Company's brew day while Bryan narrates and plays the guitar in the background. (ok, he wasn't really playing the guitar - he had his hands full with the camera)

We hope you enjoy the video tour - enough to join us for a beer sometime soon! Awesome work Bryan - thank you.

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Nick Spies said...

Great video. I'm glad to see my alma mater is doing some good in this world. Maybe we'll see a class or two in brewing, and down the road a program for a degree...I can dream, can't I?