Thursday, March 13, 2008

Beer article in Omaha City Weekly

Here is an article posted in the Omaha City Weekly.

It is a pretty safe article and a good promotion of the growing beer scene in Omaha, I say give it a read and encourage them to write more articles about beer. I don't get the mag out here but I am beting, based on other city weeklys I have read in the past, that this will be one of the best places to promote craft beer in Omaha, but they won't if they don't hear about it.



nickspies said...

Good article, Brent. Keep waiving the beer flag high, and more people will start to wake up.

Brent @ Beertopia said...

Starting with this issue, every other week there will be a beer article in the City Weekly.

Nate B. said...

So Brent, this is your gig? That is great and I know you will do us (beer geeks) proud. Let me know when new articles are posted and I will throw them on here. If you want to contribute here ever, let me know as well and I can set you up with an account.

Paul said...

Keep it going Brent - readership must be high as I got quite a few emails this morning on the mention. Thanks.

Craft Beer education is ahead of where I thought it would be out here in Papillion but I find that I'm still spending quite a bit of time in education when it comes to anything darker than a Pale.

These articles and blogs like this help tremendously - both directly and indirectly. Keep up the fight.

brent @ beertopia said...

I’ve been writing beer articles for the City Weekly for three years now, I’ve done 15 or so full length articles in that time plus others for a few other magazines/papers.

Starting with this edition the “libations” section is going to go every other week between beer and wine. I’m happy this is finally happening as I have been asking for it since day one!

Thanks for posting the link and the kind words. Positive beer press is great for everybody that loves craft beer in Omaha… that has been my motivation since day one.

Nate B. said...


Lets be sure to work together going forward and try to move the beer culture along at light speed, that was my motivation for this site as well.