Friday, November 16, 2012

Kegs Now Available for Sale at Lucky Bucket

Lucky Bucket is now selling kegs from the brewery. See below for details.

After numerous requests we are finally offering kegs for sale out of the brewery! Whether it's a house party, tailgate, family reunion, or just because, our fans can now enjoy tasty Lucky Bucket beers at their upcoming events. We will offer both 1/6 barrel (5 gallon) and 1/2 barrel (15.5 gallon) keg sizes. Prices will vary depending on the beer style. We will require a $50 deposit for each keg and a $40 deposit for keg taps. Deposits will be refunded upon return of the equipment. Please call ahead to reserve your keg to ensure we have the beer of your choice available. Prices are listed below. And as always please enjoy Lucky Bucket responsibly. Cheers!                                                           
                                               1/6 BBL        1/2 BBL 
Pre-Prohibition Lager               $50.00          $120.00 
Heartland Wheat                      $50.00          $120.00 
Lucky Bucket IPA                   $60.00          $140.00 
Certified Evil                            $80.00          $180.00 
Seasonal Beer                          $50.00          $120.00 
Single Batch                             $80.00          $180.00

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