Monday, September 15, 2008

Avery in Nebraska

We posted awhile back that Avery is finally coming to Nebraska and that day has come. I am hoping to see it out here and I imagine it is in Lincoln as well but here is the list from Beertopia in Omaha.

-Avery IPA (6-packs and draft)
-White Racal (6-packs and draft)
-14'er ESB (6-packs)
-Ellies' Brown (6-packs and draft)
-Out of Bounds Stout (6-packs)
-Hog Heaven Barleywine (22oz)
-The Reverend Belgian Quad (22oz)
-Salvation (22oz)
-Samael's Oak-aged Ale (12oz)
-The Beast (12oz)

They make some great beers and are really known, by me anyway, for their big beers. I have a bottle of the Beast at home that I may drink tonight to celebrate this occasion. Their Barleywine is beautiful as well as The Reverend and Salvation. I haven't had their IPA yet but will look for it. Enjoy Avery and thank Beertopia and other store owners for trying to get them in here. If we can add some Oskar Blues that would be great too, heck they might be in Nebraska already and I wouldn't know.


nickspies said...

I went to the Beertopia tasting for the new Avery beers on Friday. I was really impressed with the Brown Ale. Brown Ales are really simple style, however in my experience they are usually underdone or overdone.

No Oskar Blues yet. Hopefully they, like the other Colorado breweries, realize the Nebraska market is looking better everyday.

Jimempyrean said...

Very nice to have Avery indeed - I can't wait to feature them at a beer dinner. I am most familiar with their "original" beers, none of which were very extreme - the 14'r ESB is sublime.
Oskar Blues has been approached by several NE distributors - they do not have capacity for new markets right now.