Thursday, October 30, 2008

Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day

November 1st is Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day. This is a nationally sponsored day that the AHA (American Homebrewers Association) helps coordinate each year. Check with your local clubs for their events if they are having any or if you know of an event post in the comments to this post.

I know of one for sure in Papillon at Nebraska Brewing Company. Here are the details for that.
November 1st 2008
Brewing a Northern German Altbier
Brewed on Sabco Brewing System
You don't have to have a big event either, if you homebrew, grab some friends and brew with them at your place. The advantage is more people will come to appreciate great beer and may even take up the hobby and get more great beer out there.

If you are planning on hosting an event please register it with the AHA here.


Paul said...

Homebrewers / clubs / supply shops etc. - we're hosting the event but we really view this as a venue for the homebrewing community to get together and embrace others.

I know Omahops is going to make an appearance and I would encourage the Lincoln Lagers to try to attend as well - the guys mentioned it on their podcast and my main goal is to give the clubs an opportunity to gain some membership.

Let me know if I can help in any way or represent your clubs or businesses with any materials and I'd be happy to do so.


nickspies said...


Don't forget to register your event on the website:

Nate B. said...

It already was, there are two in NE. One at someones house and the one at NBC.

nickspies said...

My mistake. I didn't realize it was listed in the "Other" category.

Tyson Arp said...

For me, teach a friend to homebrew day turned in to "teach a friend to homebrew WEEKEND"! We had a great turn out at NBC. A big thanks to all that did show up--you made it a fun day! Now that we've seen there's a good interest in such an event, we already have great ideas for how to have a much better, more interesting and interactive event sometime next year. Sunday I was involved in another registered event at my house where I helped my buddy Matt brew his first beer, an English Mild. Things went well and I'm very much looking forward to helping him finish it later (ie, drinking it).