Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Which is better East or West?

I was forwarded this article from Tyson at Nebraska Brewing Company. While NBC didn't place any beers at GABF this year they did get some good pub both in this article and in conference buzz. They also helped raise the beer queue for Nebraska, which is what we all want. We want and feel we deserve recognition for the beer we are producing in this state and it is nice to see in this article from a Colorado homer.

If you read the article you will see what I mean by Colorado homer. Let's face it, we are all homers for our respective states and Nebraska citizens are no different. I do think that if you are writing an article you should set that aside for a bit. While I agree, most of the beers that I enjoy come from Omaha to the west, there are some great breweries in the East. I think brewing companies like Bell's, Ommengang and Jolly Pumpkin are just a few that compete with any brewery in CO or California.

I do appreciate the compliment thrown towards NBC, well deserved and it is great for those guys to get the recognition and name out there, especially in Denver. I hope for further success for our Nebraska breweries and I know we will get it. I will tell anyone that will listen until I am blue in the face and I am sure you all will too. It looks like it is working and that means even better and more adventurous beer for us locally.

So Prost to NBC and all the Nebraska breweries working hard to produce the beer they do and promote the brewing community in Nebraska. It will only benefit us all.

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