Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dead Canary Brewing

I used to live in the Kansas City Metro area (I lived everywhere from proper to suburbia) so while this isn't a Nebraska beer story it is a story that I find interesting on a number of levels from my time spent in KC. When I lived their the craft beer scene was weak. They had some players but as a whole, not much there. Partly my fault because I didn't even know about Free State in Lawrence and I was still drinking on the cheap but looking back all I remember is 75th Street, Boulevard, Barley's and River Market Brewery. In my opinion, none of these were special at the time. Boulevard was probably my most recent gateway into quality beer so I will give them that. So, all this being said, when I heard that an all female brewery, Dead Canary Brewing, would be opening in the West Bottoms near downtown I was shocked. It may surprise you why I was shocked.

It was not because of it being an all female brewery ownership, it was it's location. When I lived in KC the West Bottoms were a string of vacant buildings that only saw activity when Kemper had an event or Halloween was in full force. I have heard rumblings that this area has made strides in the art community and they are now becoming sort of a art/warehouse district. I think that is great, taking, what was basically a useless area of the city and reviving it with culture. I like that. What a huge risk for a brewery though? You really have to be creative I would imagine to drive traffic down there. Like many cities KC has it's culture groups and I am sure they will make it down there and that might be all they are looking for. Pulling the Johnson County commuters and visitors might be tough though, with the Power and Light District downtown now.

What will draw them is fun stuff like Dodge ball tournaments, Beer Pong, a cool atmosphere and, most importantly, great beer. It sounds like they are going to have interesting, different beer, which should add to the whole picture. You throw on the "all female ownership/brewer" aspect and they are going to get a ton of free pub and respect in the community. I hope my next visit to KC I will get a chance to try some of their beers, here is an initial list. Besides all this, they got there name during a naked brew session.

Cat House Stout- Dry hopped mint chocolate imperial stout
Local No. 12-lemongrass maple strong ale
Speakeasy IPA- honeysuckle grapefruit IPA
Bathtub Barleywine: copiously hopped barleywine
chickory rhubarb imperial porter.

I would be remissed if I didn't mention their commitment to being green and sustainable. This sounds like the makings of a near perfect brewery, I hope it will live up to my minds eye. Good luck ladies, I wish you all the success.

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