Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cheer Hard for Nebraska Brewing

They have knocked off a giant of the beer industry in the second round and have moved on. Taking down Stone IPA was probably not a huge surprise to Nebraska Brewing Company but for most in the industry, Stone has been seen as one of those beer companies that knows how to use hops and make great beer. This is a great achievement and truly opens the door in more ways then one. They also clearly have a chance to win the whole thing. So lets cheer hard. Here is the bracket.

Their next opponent is
Hoppin’ Frog Brewery
Hoppin’ to Heaven IPA
A B+ on Beer Advocate, but I take rating sites with a grain of salt because it has turned into a popularity contest and name recognition, not always about great beer.

So raise a glass to NBC, wish them luck and go have a pint or 10 of their IPA, it is a treat and they have the proof now.

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Zach O. said...

The bracket says NBC is going up against Blind Tiger Brewery and their
Top Gun IPA. Personally, I think Hopluia would take the field.