Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Beer Wars Bus Trip in the paper

The Omaha World Herald wrote up an article on The Nebraska Brewing Company's bus trip to see "Beer Wars" in Omaha a few weeks back. The movie itself has come under some scrutiny by the craft beer geeks, personally I have not seen it, but will get it when it comes out on DVD. Here is the directors response to some of the criticism.

Beer Wars Blog

In this day and age anyone with a modicum of computer knowledge can write a review and/or a blog and bash someone, I am a case in point. :-) I like her responses, they seem well thought out. My only problem is that she didn't seem to understand her potential audience and that it is probably why it was so hard to complete. If you aren't targeting a Beer movie to the die hard fans of craft beer are you really going to get the casual viewer to go? I doubt it, so you should probably do something that is more detailed and fresh for the craft beer addicts. Again, I haven't seen it and I have seen mixed reviews. With her response I will try to look at it from that perspective. I enjoyed "American Beer" which was produced by Bud so my guess, if it is about beer, I will enjoy it, but it appears she missed her core audience.

All that being said, it looks like Nebraska Brewing Company had a great turn out and a fun time making the trip to watch the movie. Here is the article. It appears there was one error in the article that seemed inaccurate and Paul can correct me if I am wrong, but I thought Nebraska Brewing Company beat Stone IPA not Dogfish Head?? Maybe it worked better for the story because of the tie in with Dogfish Head in the movie? Anyway, hard for me to criticize any article on brewing and the industry in the paper.

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Paul said...

Not sure how the details got crossed but it was Stone that we beat and not Sam's beer. I'll see if I can get an email to the author and get that corrected. BTW, for the record, Greg Koch was awesome about our little win and even went so far as to get behind our unofficial name of Stone Crusher. I love this community!

Nate B. said...

Greg is no dummy, "Stone Crusher" only ups their perception of greatness. The advertising works for both of you very well.

I have heard mixed reports on Greg but the general feeling is what you guys experienced so that is good.

You need to post a synopsis of the Craft Brewers Conference Paul or make Tyson do it. Ha!

Nate B. said...

BTW, I want a t-shirt that says stone crusher too. :-)