Thursday, October 15, 2009

Monster versus David

I thought I wasn't going to join the fray but thought I would help spread the word here with the statement issued from Hansen Beverages. So here is their response to my complaint.

Hansen Beverage Company Responds to Inquiries
About Vermonster Cease and Desist Letter
October 14, 2009

About Hansen Beverage Company and Monster Trademarks: “Monster Energy ®,” “Monster®,” “ ” and “ ®” Hansen Beverage Company manufactures and distributes the famous MONSTER ENERGY® line of energy drinks and owns trademark registrations for the famous marks in the U.S. and throughout the world for beverages, branded apparel and other products.

Over the last eight years, Hansen Beverage Company has spent many millions of dollars promoting and establishing awareness for these trademarks around the world and has additionally spent millions of dollars registering and protecting these trademarks which are the Company’s single most valuable asset.

  • In July 2009, it came to the attention of Hansen Beverage Company that Rock Art Brewery, LLC had filed an application to register a federal trademark throughout the United States in connection with Rock Art’s Vermonster beer product.
  • In order to protect Hansen’s valuable Monster Energy® trademarks, Hansen is legally obliged to, and routinely sends, “cease and desist” letters to, and where appropriate, pursues litigation against, entities and persons who use or attempt to register similar trademarks for products that are similar or related to MonsterEnergy® products. A “cease and desist” letter was sent to Rock Art Brewery on September 4, 2009.
  • Hansen is a publicly traded company with an obligation to its shareholders to vigorously defend its valuable trademarks and intellectual property rights against dilution, potential infringement or confusion. Opposing the same or similar trademark applications is standard protocol for Hansen Beverage Company, as it is for all other consumer product companies.
  • Hansen has not, and does not, target or single out one company over any other, nor distinguish between big or small companies or individuals when enforcing our trademarks. The size of the third party misappropriating or infringing the Hansen’s trademark rights is irrelevant.
  • Hansen management has been working with Rock Art Brewery toward an amicable solution.
  • As part of prudent business practice, Hansen Beverage Company will continue to take appropriate action to protect its trademark rights and property.
Here is an article for the back story

Bottom line, Boycott Monster and Hansen beverages. They(Rock Art Brewery) are of no threat to them in the marketplace and don't deserve the treatment.

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