Thursday, December 10, 2009



Retail: wine, beer, spirits, cheese, meats (sausage/deli), and some grocery
Other: bar and meeting/party space


Retail: Dec 21 (or as close to it as possible)
Other: bar and meeting/party space to open one month after the retail


Village Pointe Shopping Center
225 N 170th St, Omaha

I had an informal walk-though with Brent Udron at the new Brix store. He showed me the ins & outs, and gave me some information to pass onto the beer readers.

First off, I wanted to level-set. Brix is not a chain or franchise. I believe most people, like myself, have been thinking that. It just happens there are other stores named Brix in the U.S. that specialize in the same thing. This store is locally owned.

The store will carry wine, beer, and spirits. In addition, they will have cheese, some deli meats/sausages, and some grocery (mainly dry goods I believe).

There will be a lounge area in the retail space. I believe there will be the opportunity from time to time to taste wines (via a tap) in the lounge, and maybe even beer in future. The retail store is separate from the bar and meeting/party space. They share the same entrance, but aren’t technically connected together.

The bar (different then the lounge in the retail area) will serve wine and high-end beer on tap. I don’t know about spirits, but I would assume those as well.

The meeting/party space is available to rent out for a variety of reasons. They will have full on-site kitchen facility, along with supporting audio/video devices. I see this being a great place for holiday parties in the future.

The retail space is slated to open around Dec 21. They are waiting on the delivery of specific items they need to open. The bar and meeting/party space will open about a month behind.

There will be approximately 800 different beers available when they open. The hope is Brix will help to add more beers and breweries and to the distribution list are not available in Nebraska currently.

They have an email list on their website (which I told them is a good thing to get going early) and frequent buyer’s card. I signed up for the list a couple of weeks ago, but haven’t got anything yet. I assume they are still concerned with the opening first.

Here’s to more great beer in Omaha!


Richard Stueven said...

This place is huge. It's going to be quite an operation. Brent told me today that the recent snow has delayed the remodeling, so now they're planning on opening on the 26th. They may open the lobby and sell gift certificates on the 21st, though.

nickspies said...

Delayed again. The snow has slowed them down. Brent said any day now. I will post when they open.

nickspies said...

Brix is now open as of Jan 2 at 1:00 p.m.