Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lash’s Top Ten New Nebraska Beers

It has been a great year for Nebraska brewed craft beer! And, the future looks amazingly bright. I am constantly excited about the high quality offerings from newcomers Lucky Bucket, Modern Monks and Nebraska Brewing Company. And, Emperyean, Upstream, Thurderhead, Gottberg and the rest just keep building on their success and great beers. Emperyean’s cask offerings and Nebraska Brewing Company’s specialty offerings are always exciting. My top ten Nebraska beers (in no particular order) that I tried for the FIRST TIME in 2009 are as follows:

Nebraska Brewing Company Cardinal Ale
Lucky Bucket IPA
Modern Monks Black Gold Swartz
Empyrean Beerquest Series Double Brown Ale
Upstream Brewing’s new Porter (don’t know the name)
Modern Monks St. Meinrad’s Quad
Empyrean Beerquest Series Foreign Stout
Nebraska Brewing Company Fathead Barleywine
Empyerean Fresh Harvest Ale
Lucky Bucket Lager
There are numerous honorable mentions such as Empyrean Braggot, and the Nebraska Brewing Company Rye IPA and others.

I am sure that other breweries would have been on this list, but I just haven’t been in Columbus or Kearney in 2009, but I always enjoy their taps. I have a growler of Gottberg Brown in my fridge now. KEEP IT UP NEBRASKA BREWERIES!
Happy New Year fellow Nebraska Beer consumers! What is on your FIRST TIME list?

Guest Blogger Lash Chaffin

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nickspies said...

Some my notables were on your list also...

> Lucky Bucket IPA (it's really nice to have a local IPA)

> Empyrean Beer Quest Imperial Brown Ale (credit to Lincoln Lagers Chris and Brian for this great brew)

> Upstream Brewing Porter (very well-made Porter)

> Nebraska Brewing Company Fathead Barleywine (the barrel-aged version is really good)

> Nebraska Brewing Company Rye IPA (I hope this continues to stay on tap)