Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bricktop Bar Update

I have always heard some good things of the beer selection at this bar and it sounds like it is stepping up even more. I also remember it from my college days and it was the DJ dance bar. A good beer bar and DJ bar don't usually mix, but here is an update on what is going on and when to go to enjoy the great beer they will be displaying on tap. I for one don't go out past 9pm much any more so this place will be on my list next chance I get.

I am writing to update everyone about the craft beer upgrades to the Bricktop bar in downtown Lincoln. As introduction, my name is Jason McLaughlin, and I am the new beer manager of the bar. I am an avid homebrewer, a BJCP Certified beer judge, beer review columnist for Omaha Food & Spirits Magazine, and beer geek.

For those of you not familiar, Bricktop is located in downtown Lincoln at 1427 'O' Street, one door East of Yia Yia's. For those who are familiar, I hope to dispel a few perceptions you may have regarding our beer selection and the bar as a whole. I want to share with you the steps I am taking to make Bricktop a world class craft beer destination.

Starting now, Bricktop will cater to craft beer drinkers from 5pm – 9pm Monday through Saturday, with special tapping and release parties on Friday nights. The bar features 22 taps and a growing collection of top class bottle offerings. We have gone to great lengths upgrading our draught system to pour the perfect beer, and plans are in the works to add an additional 12 tap handles as well as a permanent beer engine for serving cask ale.

Some beers currently on tap include Great Divide Old Ruffian barleywine, Nøgne Ø porter, Kulmbacher Eisbock, Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, Slaapmuske Tripel Nightcap, and New Belgium Dark Heather Saison, and a selection of Nebraska beers from Modern Monks, Lucky Bucket, and Empyrean.

This coming Friday (January 29th from 5-9pm) we will host a tapping party with the Modern Monks brewers that will include their Brothers Cup, Classic American Pilsner, and a very special Reserve Sour Ale.

Upcoming Friday parties as follows-

Friday, February 5th we will tap a Goliath Tripel from the Belgian brewery Brasserie Des Géants.

Friday, February 12th we will host Lucky Bucket Brewing night with the brewers, showcasing their Pre-Prohibition Lager, IPA, barrel aged Certified Evil, and new premium vodka Joss.

Friday February 26th will be Empyrean cask night featuring a very special Chocolate Milk Stout served from the beer engine.

Please stop by to see all the changes we have made. Beer drinkers are absolutely welcome during all business hours, and yes, it will get loud in the bar after 9pm on most nights when the DJs arrive. But the after-work happy hours are set up for your relaxing beer drinking enjoyment.

Hope to see you there soon.


CJ said...

Nice work Jason!!!

I plan on seeing you on Friday! But only from 5-9pm, and NO I will not stay and dance to the techno tunes with you....ha ha :)

nickspies said...

Awesome. As CJ can attest to, we were at the Bricktop a couple of months ago. Even then, we were impressed with the selection (La Folie on tap...hell yeah).

It's always good news to have another place to enjoy great beer and the company of people who do also.

Do you have a website? How about an email newsletter?

Chris said...

La Folie in a pint glass takes a long time to finish. I too was amazed at the selection. Nice surprise.

nickspies said...

CJ and I were there on Saturday. Nice selection and setup. Also, we really liked the proper glassware for each beer. I hope they get Lucky Bucket IPA in the future.

CJ said...

So, I am not sure if Jason is reading any of these posts. I thought that sitting in Bricktop and enjoying a beer before all the bumping techno got going was great.

The club has a huge movie screen which I had never noticed before. I wonder if they could start doing some movie/beer nights that would appeal to certain crowds...just an idea.

Also, since the bar is smoke free, that was quite nice as well!!!

Way to go Bricktop!