Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brass Monkey Mug Club

As many already know, we have a great little tap house here in Omaha (36th & V St, link on right side of the blog) that opened a little over a year ago. They also have a great incentive to drink good beer. I don't need anymore encouragement, but I'm still all for it.

The Monkey's mug club is free of charge. You drink 35 beers (any kind...they don't have to be unique either) and you're part of the club. They keep track of your beers on a card kept at the bar. Once you have achieved 35, you get a 0.5 liter mug that you can have filled for special prices anytime. They don't store the mug at the have to bring it yourself (something I'm still getting used to...I keep it the car).

Starting in January of this year, they implemented a Mug Club Day. It's the second Wednesday of the month. Bring your mug in and have it filled for $2, with the exception of a handful of high-end beers (I know! Great price!). For those people that do not have their mug yet, you get double punches on your card all day.

The Monkey's regular prices also read like most places' discounts. It's all about tasty beer, great prices, and good friends. Check them out.

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