Friday, December 16, 2011

Some news from the Modern Monks

The Monks, true to their name, feel they have been a little quiet lately and wanted to let you know they are still there and are still producing top notch beer.  Don't worry guys, we know you are still there and we appreciate you greatly.  Here is some of their current lineup and I will tell you, they all sound worthy of a trip to try.

Ladies and Gentleman, and Beer nerds like myself,
It has been a few weeks since we have released anything down at the brewery.  We have a lineup right now that if perfect for those that are looking for something a bit different.
First off is our Imperial Pilsner:  This beer has the wallop of hop flavor with hints of perfume and pine like goodness.
2nd on the list is our Rye Dopple Bock.  This big beer has a bit of smokey spicy flavors from the rye malt and a dry finish that leaves you wanting more.  Watch out though, this 9% beer is not for beginners.
And finally, a beer, unknown to many, a Gruit style we are calling the Winter Spice Girl.  For those not familiar with the style it uses no hops, but other spices and herbs to give it a pleasant bitterness and unique flavor profile.  This is the latest beer in the Wandering Monk series and dreamed up by Kevin Kroll.
Stop on by, say hello, and of course have a few pints!
See you soon.
The Modern Monks 

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