Thursday, January 5, 2012

Craft Beer Bus Tour (Omaha Beer Week)

When: Sat, Feb 4 from 12:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

This event is shaping up to be the thing I’m looking forward to most for Omaha Beer Week.  What’s better than a free bus that takes you the great craft beer businesses in Omaha for the entire day.  It’s like personalized public transportation for the craft beer-ophile.

This is the listing of the participating establishments so far.  This is subject to change based on more places being added.

From the Facebook event page


Take a complimentary FREE shuttle on Sat, Feb 4 from noon to midnight going to Craft Beer bars and Breweries all over Omaha.

Buses to stop at each location once an hour.

Participating Businesses (with more joining all the time)

East Route

• Beertopia
• Brass Monkey
• Crescent Moon Ale House
• Jake's Cigars & Spirits
• Jazz, A Louisiana Kitchen Restaurant
• Krug Park | Beers & Bloody Marys
• House of Loom
• Huber Haus German Bier Hall
• Max & Joe's Belgian Tavern
• Mojo Smoke House and Ales (East/West Route Transfer Point)
• Stiles Public House
• Upstream Brewing Company Old Market

West Route

• Brix
• Gator O'Malley's
• Lauter Tun
• Lucky Bucket Brewing Company
• Mojo Smoke House and Ales (East/West Route Transfer Point)
• Nebraska Brewing Company
• Upstream Brewing Company Legacy

Bus routes and schedule to be announced soon.


Anonymous said...

Great Job Crew

Ken said...

Looking forward to a great beer-filled day!