Friday, January 20, 2012

Our Plans for Omaha Beer Week (#OBW)

With Omaha Beer Week fast approaching, you may be asking yourself, "what big thing does the Nebraska Beer Blog have planned for such an historic event?".  Well, we do have some things planned for you guys and gals.  We took a long hard look at how we could contribute to 10-day celebration and decided, while we are going to partake in a couple events as a sponsor, we are going to go out and enjoy the events and report daily what is going to happen and what we participated in.  We are also going to try some live tweeting (@NebrBeerBlog) during our times out at events.  We are also going to try our hand at some video recording.  Maybe our first attempt will be an epic fail, but we won't know until we try.  Without further ado, here is the breakdown for you.

First, go out and follow us on Twitter or Facebook.  At the beginning of each day we will post the events that we are aware of, so you can plan your day accordingly.  We will also be attending many of the events during the week, and will be tweeting live so you will know the beer we are drinking and people we are interacting with.  We will be using the hashtag #OBW on our tweets. Please spread it around, so we can start a trend locally at the very least.  Finally at the end of the day (more then likely, the next day), we will post a full recap of what we did and saw and the fun we had and hopefully the fun you didn't miss.

Next, we are participating in a tapping of Romancing the Cone IPA cask at Nebraska Brewing Company on Thu, Feb 9.  We will be there around supper time, come by and try what will surely be a wonderful beer and pull on our ear for awhile.  Later in the evening we will test our video and audio skills with Paul and Tyson...look for that later.

Friday night we will be attending the Lauganitas Beer Dinner.  We will be tweeting from the event and hope to conduct some interviews too.  Maybe even some audio and/or video, based on our success the night before.

Finally, we will have a booth at Extreme Beerfest where you can come by and get some schwag, say hi, and participate in some interviews.  We are really going to put our video skills, or lack there of, to the test during this event.  We hope to talk to attendees and brewers about their experience with #OBW and what they thought of the event.

That is our run-down of what we plan on you have your plan yet?  We hope to see a lot of you out and about.  At the very least, be sure and come by Nebraska Brewing Company on Thu the 9th and share a pint with us.

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