Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thunderhead Collaboration Brew Day w/ Video

Nick and I, along with Nick's friend Terry, headed to Axtell, NE to brew with Trevor at Thunderhead's brewery.  In the last year Trevor secured a new facility in Axtell to move his brewery to and man is it nice!  It was very spacious and obviously has left Trevor with room to grow.  I know there are plans for a canning line at some point and I am sure bigger fermentors. 

We collaborated on a smoked russian imperial stout.  We hit our initial gravity number into the kettle at 1.090, but as often happens you leave a lot of sugars behind.  It was very sad watching a 1.040 or so wort get poured down the drain.  Nick and I will remember to bring carboys next time.  One of the pitfalls and expenses of brewing a high ABV beer for sure. 

We had a lot of fun brewing with Trevor and I expect the beer to be absolutely amazing!  We will keep you in touch on when the release party will be, we will probably have one in Kearney and one in Omaha if all goes to plan.  You won't want to miss this.


Anonymous said...

Looks great guys!! Should have talked Trevor into a parti-gyle! It would really cool to let homebrewers bring carboys and ferment on their own... don't let that sweet wort go to waste!

Nate said...

I think that was a possibility but we just didn't think far enough ahead for that. Nick and I were crying as it went down the drain. Truth be told too, Trevor wasn't sure what strength of wort would have been left and not knowing that it would have been bad if there wasn't viable wort left with homebrewers standing by waiting. Sad none the less.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the video! Love it. It should also be noted that game two went quite a bit better for me. :) Cheers!