Friday, March 16, 2012

New and old advertisers-THANK YOU!

I thought I would write a quick blog post about our great advertisers, both new and old.  Some of you may know this but the people that kicked off our advertising options was Ward Labs.  Ward labs provides water testing for a variety of ag and commercial businesses, but they have also become the go to place for homebrew water analysis.  They have now added a specific homebrew water test option so there is no confusion on what you need.  We will always have a special place in our hearts for Ward Labs as they were the first, no one forgets their first.

You may have also noticed that we added a new advertiser last week, N-Street Drive-in in Lincoln.  It is great to see a Lincoln business joining the ranks and a great craft beer store in Lincoln to boot.  Be sure to check out their location in downtown Lincoln and follow their site with all of their specials.  Thanks again guys for believing in what we do and advertising with us!

I can't forget the others that have helped us for a long time to, the guys at Beer Corner USA have been with us nearly as long as Ward Labs.  They have been great not only in buying ads but in letting us be part of their wonderful events and contacting us with information as they get it.  A great bunch of people over there for sure.

Lucky Bucket was the first brewery to sign on with us and have been very loyal and committed as well.  Providing us with information and ideas and access whenever we want it so we can get it to you.  It is much appreciated!

Nebraska Brewing Company is the most recent brewery to advertise with us.  They have always been great to us in many ways and have also helped us with their opinions of what we do.  We encourage an open dialog with us and encourage opinions and suggestions on how we can make this better.  This site is for you after all.  Thanks for being a great sounding board NBC.

Last but not least we often have advertisers that are in kind or reciprocal relationships and they come and go but they are not any less important.  These relationships often get us into events to provide you reporting on what is happening as well as provide you with all you need to know about the event.  People like Omaha Happy Hours, the AHA, currently Beer Extravaganza, Omaha Beer Week, Omaha Beer Fest, Great Nebraska Beer Fest, and the list goes on and hopefully continues to go on.

I encourage all of our readers to frequent these establishments as they help us get you the content you want and need.  They are a vital cog in the wheel that has helped craft beer grow in the region so return the favor.  Thanks guys for your support.

If you are looking to advertise with us, drop us an email and we will get you our rates.

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