Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thunderhead to be distributed in Iowa and at the Chicken Coop in Des Moines

A few weeks back when the blog crew was brewing with Trevor at Thunderhead south in Axtell he mentioned that he was working on getting distributed in Iowa and mainly getting set up at a new Chicken Coop in Des Moines.  He had some hurdles left to climb at that point and was really looking forward to expanding his distribution outside of Nebraska.  His hard work paid off and he secured a distributor recently, Doll Distributing.

The blog would like to congratulate Trevor and Thunderhead on this great move. 

Trevor also let us know that the brew we made with him, a smoked Russian Imperial Stout, will now be aged in Templeton Rye barrels Trevor secured.  I am elated at this news, it will obviously delay the release of the beer but man will it be tasty!

Some great news coming out of Thunderhead we wanted to share. 

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