Thursday, August 23, 2012

News of the weird - KC Beerfest for sale??

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Dear Friends,

For over 5 years, the KC Beerfest has been the most recognizable craft beer festival in the Kansas City area. Over 12,000 beer connoisseurs and first-timers have attended the KC Beerfest allowing them to sample hundreds of different types of craft brews from around the world. KC Beerfest has been a huge success and is viewed by many as the premier craft beer festival in Kansas City.

However, the missions of both benefiting agencies, the Kansas City Free Health Clinic and the AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City, are not being met by the KC Beerfest. Initially, leadership at both agencies felt their missions would be shared with the thousands of beer lovers who attended the festival. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Therefore, KC Beerfest will not be held this fall. However, we are seeking prospective buyers who would produce the KC Beerfest and take it to the next level.

We propose a $5,000 payment that would grant your organization ownership of the KC Beerfest,, the KC Beerfest logo and all marketing related materials; contacts with distributors/brewers in the state of Kansas that have supplied the beer to the festival; access to an army of 150+ volunteers; remaining inventory of KC Beerfest sampling glasses, buss tubs, banners and other supplies; contacts with marketing/media partners; and the goodwill  of 5+ years of satisfying the taste buds of the KC craft beer community.

Should you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please feel free to call Kirk Isenhour at the Kansas City Free Health Clinic at (816) 777-2762 or Michael Lintecum at the AIDS Service Foundation at (913) 269-7960.

We look forward to hearing back from interested parties soon and thank everyone for your support of the KC Beerfest.
Kirk Isenhour 
Kansas City Free Health Clinic
Michael Lintecum
AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City

This is extremely strange to me and who is going to buy this?  It doesn't make a lot of sense.  Anyone can start a festival and as long as they don't call it KC Beerfest they are fine.  Everything I have read or heard of this festival is it is a disaster so I am not sure what goodwill they are talking about.  It has ran out of beer on one occasion for sure.  I think if you don't want to do it any more, give it to someone else that can but don't try and sell it, that just shows what some festivals are in it for.  I want a festival that is in it for the beer and makes no bones about that fact.  What are your thoughts?


Tom said...

I think it would have been a lot more valuable if they hadn't skipped this fall. $5,000 really isn't a ton of money. Done right you could potentially make it all back on your first fest. Around here there have been many new fests popping up. If that is the case in KC then
Maybe the promotions company that runs the riverfront wine fest and Omaha beer fest will buy it.

on a side note. These challenge images are impossible to read. Would more people comment if it wasn't such a pain? Other sites have them and they are much easier.

Nick S. said...

The CAPTCHA really cuts done on spam. We tried it without, but we were deleting spam comments several times a day.

You usually don't have to be exact on CAPTCHA, just close.

On the other hand, I agree. Some of them are hard to read.

Tom said...

I understand the issues with SPAM in blog comments and agree that you need some sort of system. It pains me that my google account alone is not enough.

Almost every time I have to enter two of them CAPTCHAs before I get one right to post a comment. And this is after an average of 10 refreshes to get one I think I stand a good chance of getting.

If this is the only system you have at your disposal then i agree that you must use it. I'd just love to see more of your readers actually post comments.