Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Goldrenrod Brewing Interview

I interviewed Tony Thomas last night at the super, soft (a.k.a. fluffy) opening of Goldenrod Brewing Company.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to interview Phil or Bernie (blame it on the vertical tasting later in the evening).  So, look for more information from them in coming articles.


Q: How long have you been brewing?

A: I started homebrewing in 1998 after moving to Colorado and experiencing the wide variety of craft beer.  Professionally I began brewing at Rubicon in Sacramento, California in 2004.  Then I moved to Denver, Colorado and brewed a short time at Great Divide.  Then, I brewed at CB Potts Big Horn Brewery from 2005-2008.  And, finally I brewed at Upstream Brewing in Omaha during 2010.


back of location

Q: What made you decide to make your hobby into a business?

A: During my senior year in college (marketing and Spanish major), I wrote a business plan for a brewery.  My professor at the time told me this is something I should seriously consider doing.  Several years later, my plan is finally coming together.


Q: At what level do you see Omaha's craft beer notoriety in 5 years?

A: I see Omaha taking the same path Denver took about 15 years ago.  I think it isn’t unreasonable to have close to 50 breweries in Nebraska by that time.  If not that, then at least one brewery in every large to medium-sized city in the state.

basement: where the brewing equipment will be


Q: What is your take on all the Omaha-area breweries that have been opened recently, or will be opening in the near future?

A: The timing is excellent considering the craft beer movement within the state.  We will all benefit each other.


Q: What styles will be the focus of the new brewery?

A: Farmhouse styles.  Saisons, Bret beers, and barrel-aged beers.


main floor of the old restaurant (double-click for larger picture)

Q: What beers will be available at GNBF this weekend?

A: Grisette Bret, Belgian IPA, a sour with cherries, and a Keller.  Also, a mulberry soda and a ginger soda.


Q: What information can you tell me about the restaurant side of the business?

A: It will be fresh, local ingredients that are used in house-made items.  Frequent rotation of dishes, different ethnic styles, and paired well with the beers available.


Q: Are you going to package or is all going to be draft?

A: Draft for now, but planning on bottling starting with special-release beers.


Q: Are you going to distribute?

A: Not to begin with, but looking to do it in the future.

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