Thursday, August 1, 2013

Jake's Friday- Lincoln: Laughing Dog IPA & Sneaky Pete / Omaha: Poperings Hommelbier

From Jake's Cigars & Spirits:

Friday (8/2) tapping parties for the Lincoln & Omaha Jake's

LINCOLN JAKE'S:  IPA Day may be over, but we're keeping it hoppy with two good ones brewed by the new-to-Nebraska Laughing Dog Brewery.

Laughing Dog IPA- "Our IPA has an Intense hop aroma and strong malt body, followed by a smooth clean finish. Pacific Northwest malted barley with hops from the fields of Yakima have come together to create this IPA that is very hoppy but very balanced with complex malt flavors. The IPA is best served cool, not ice cold so as not to subdue the hop aroma. The perfect beer for any day."

Laughing Dog Sneaky Pete- ""Sneaky Pete is a blend of five hop types: Simcoe, Glacier, Centennial, Vanguard and Hallertuaer, with Simcoe playing the dominate role at 30%. In addition, three separate malts were used: Honey Malt, Rye Malt, and Munich Malt. The brew has a copious aroma of white grapefruit, citrus overtones, a complex rich middle and long flavors in the finish; a real beauty. Finished with wild clover honey."

5:00 pm Jake's Lincoln (14th & P St.)

OMAHA JAKE'S: The hop celebration continues with the tapping of Poperings Hommelbier.  First created back in 1981, it is known as one of Belgium's first uber hopped beers.

Brewery description- "Hommel is the local abbreviation of humulus, from the botanical name for the hop plant. Confusingly, it also means bumble bee in Flemish.  This refreshing gold colored ale has a honeysuckle sweetness that is nicely balanced by a full solid hops bill. It also has a late, spicy, cumin-seed, dryness, that amazingly enough never gives you a dry after mouth feeling."

Also on tap to satisfy your IBU fix:

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum IIPA
Weyerbacher Last Call IPA
Boulevard Single Wide IPA
New Belgium Ranger IPA

5:00 Jake's Omaha (62nd & Maple)

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