Thursday, July 24, 2014

Empyrean’s Carpe Brewem Imperial Mango IPA Now Available

From Empyrean Brewing Co.:

One of the most sought after beers from Empyrean Brewing Company is returning to the market, this time with a wider distribution. The Carpe Brewem Imperial Mango IPA was released in draft form this past June and was tapped dry in a matter of weeks.

“Due to its desirability and summer deliciousness,” commented Jim Engelbart, operations manager at the Nebraska brewery, “we’re releasing a few more batches, this time packaged in 4-packs as well as being made available on draft.”

The brewery describes the beer as being “ripe with aromas of mango and tropical fruits, followed by layered flavors of bright hop bitterness and sweet mango that becomes stronger as it warms in your glass.”

Brewed with natural mango, Carpe Brewem Imperial Mango IPA rings in at 90 IBU’s, 17.0o OG and 7.0% alcohol per volume. Look for this beer in Nebraska markets as early as next week.  While Minneapolis, Denver, Kansas City, Sioux Falls, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Ames, Wichita, Rapid City, Fargo and their surrounding areas will begin retailing the coveted brew in August.

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