Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nebraska Brewing Company Announces Expanded Distribution

Nebraska Brewing Company announced that, beginning in May and July of this year, they have expanded their distribution into Kansas and Minnesota, respectively.
Paul Kavulak, President of Nebraska Brewing Company stated: “For years we’ve had latent demand in both of these States but until the new packaging brewery came online, we simply didn’t have enough beer to embrace these markets.” Adding, “We’re extremely excited to finally get into areas that are essentially our backyard. The growth of Craft Beer has been phenomenal and we’re humbled to know people have embraced our beers as they do.”
Kim Kavulak, Vice President of Nebraska Brewing Company added: “Both of these markets have the mature craft beer scene we look for when considering new territories. We are thrilled to work with the respective distributors in these states to bring Nebraska Brewing Company beer to an eager group of consumers.”
 It's always good to see local breweries expanding their markets!

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South Dakota please.