Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Brewery to Nebraska: Renegade Brewing Company

Renegade Brewing Company, out of Denver, CO, has just announced their upcoming entry into the Nebraska craft beer market! Welcome, Renegade!
Renegade Brewing Company announces 2nd out-of-state market
Renegade Brewing Company, based out of Denver, is ready to announce a new state for distribution. In just their fourth year of operation, Renegade has built a production facility which has allowed them to extend distribution to Kansas and now Nebraska.
Until June of 2014, Renegade was self-distributed and built their brand across the front range. As their cans, Redacted Rye IPA, Elevation Triple IPA, and 5:00 Afternoon Ale grew in popularity the brewery looked to expand their can options as well as their distribution. In June Renegade started distributing in Colorado through Elite Brands. Soon after they launched new year-round cans, Consilium Pale Ale and Hiatus Cold Coffee-Infused Oatmeal Ale. In December Renegade signed on with Worldwide Wine and Spirits out of Lenexa, Kansas as their first out-of-state distributor.
On February 4, Renegade signed a contract to distribute in Nebraska through Johnson Brother's Distribution. Johnson Brothers distributes other great Colorado brands such as Ska, Breckenridge, Great Divide, and Odell. Renegade products will be available in the state starting the week of March 30. Throughout that week, residents of Omaha and Lincoln will be able to attend events at bars and restaurants to celebrate Renegade's entrance into the market. During this time, Renegade will be introducing a new seasonal can to all markets. Contrarian Imperial Pilsner will hit shelves in Colorado in mid-March and enter Kansas and Nebraska soon after. 

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