Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ploughshare New Year's Eve: BikeEasy in the Brewery

Still looking for something to do for New Year’s Eve?  Ploughshare Brewing Company will be hosting BikeEasy (play on speakeasy), which will be a special cyclist themed NYE party in the brewery space. Just ride your bike (or walk) to the door in the back alley, and knock 3 times to get in.  Don't worry about finding a place to lock up your precious bike, there's free indoor parking!

The festivities begin at 9pm, and will include live action fun with Prairie Rollers Goldsprints!  Goldsprints are head-to-head stationary track bike races. There will be a bracket race for willing attendees that include prizes for the overall winners, and "grudge matches" where you can challenge a "frenemy" to see who comes out on top! The races are fast and super intense - more than one racer has thrown up before! Heckling is strongly encouraged!

BEER COCKTAILS! Keith Hamm of The Other Room has designed an amazing drink menu featuring beer cocktails created with Ploughshare beers!

Tour de France: Ploughshare Au Pair Saison, honey syrup, fresh lemon juice, cognac

Time Trial: Ploughshare Percheron IPA, London Dry Gin, Chartreuse, herb sprig

Kick Stand: Ploughshare Cranberry-infused Farm Boy Cream Ale from a cask, vodka, Aperol, and bobbing cranberries

Noggenheimer: Ploughshare Pfiffig Dunkelweizen, Jaegermeister, eggnog

The Stoker: Ploughshare Soddie Rye Porter, bacon-infused rye whiskey.

The Caveboy (for midnight toast): Ploughshare Farm Boy Cream Ale and Spanish Cava

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