Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Spilker Ales Tour and Open House This Weekend

This weekend, Spilker Ales is opening their doors for tours and an open house. They'll have BBQ and new batches of Sonar available for purchase. Check out more details below.
Happy Holidays from Spilker Ales!
We will have open house and tours at Spilker Ales from 3:00 pm--7:30 pm FRIDAY December 18th, and 1:00 pm--4:00 pm SUNDAY December 20th. 402 BBQ will be providing some great BBQ Friday only, a few "pairing" snacks will be available Sunday.
Sonar batches LJO, 2X2, JAM and Hopluia are the tasty hoppy creations we'll have for sale this weekend. Sonar pint glasses are also now available and make for a great gift.
Right now, you might come across a lot of Sonar batches 2X2 and LJO On tap in the market place. Sonar 2X2 has a lot of tropical citrus, a touch of pine, and some of the most unique hoppy flavors yet. It kind of has a caramelized/asparagus tip/brown sugar/lifesaver note that really grabs you. It may sound odd, but it is so delicious! Sonar LJO has a lot of complex flavors as well...a little bit of Earl Grey tea, Lemon shandy esque, a pleasing citric bitterness, and some aromas of pineapple and unidentified tropicals. Another very original creation. More on batch Sonar JAM at a later date!
Sonar and Hopluia will be for sale by the case of six 22 oz. bottles, 4.695/bottle (30.00/case after tax) and remember to keep'em cold. There won't be a limit on case buys, we'll have enough. If there is a batch of Sonar you like especially well, you'll be able to stock up on it as we have the batches separated (unlike the last open house). We still have a lot of great Sonar batches in the future lineup so get the current one's while you can, it may be years before they come back!
See you in Cortland at 300 W 4th st soon, and don't forget to bring some friends and family to tour a very hoppy one-of-a-kind place!
Cheers! Sam Spilker.

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