Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Winterfest at Farnam House

Farnam House will be celebrating Winterfest this Friday with a release of their 2016 doppelbock along with a few other beers and a special dinner. See the details below.
Farnam House Brewing will be celebrating Winterfest by releasing the 2016 edition of their doppelbock on Friday, January 29th starting at 4pm. The doppelbock, a fortified, dark, German lager with a big malt backbone, clocks in at 8.5% abv, but has a smooth drinkability.

Other keg tappings for the event will include more special releases such as the 2015 Doppelbock, 2015 Rum barrel-aged Doppelbock, 2016 Special Reserve Bock, and 2015 Farnam House Tripel. Chef Jeff Collins will feature a German-style knockwurst dinner special and special spent grain soft pretzels to pair with the beers for the event.

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probably the best brewery in Nebraska