Thursday, March 24, 2016

Boiler Brewing Company Opening on April 1

From their press release...


Lincoln, Nebraska - March 24, 2016 - Lincoln is getting a new brewery this spring. Boiler Brewing Company is opening its doors as the newest craft-brewing destination on April 1. Located in the basement of the historic Grand Manse at 129 N. 10th St., Suite 8, this unique location will offer a very different atmosphere than most brewery tap rooms with food options and a full serving staff to make sure that your glass never goes dry.

“We are really striving to provide a level of service that isn’t often found in tap rooms. We want to make sure that our customers have an awesome experience to go along with Tim’s amazing beers,” tap room manager Thad Aerts said.

At their grand opening, Boiler Brewing Company will offer four unique beers created by Brewmaster Tim 

Thomssen, winner of the 2015 Sam Adams LongShot Award. For the grand opening, Boiler Brewing Company will feature the following:

• Raspberry Tart is a low ABV Raspberry Blonde that is full of flavor while still featuring a light, refreshing body that leaves you wanting more.

• Koo Koo for Coconut is an over-the-top coconut stout that was lovingly crafted with a ton of organic roasted coconut. The sweet tropical flavor melds with the maltiness of the stout to create a candy-like finish.

• Hibiscus Saison features a cranberry-like tartness from the hibiscus petals that provide an excellent balance to the spice and fruit that the Belgian yeast brings to the forefront.

• Overdone IPA is an extremely hop-forward IPA that combines the powers of eight different hop varietals into an aromatic and lively brew. Anything worth doing is worth overdoing. 

In addition to these four beers, Boiler Brewing Company will be rolling out new beers on a consistent basis, something Thomssen is passionate about. There are 24 tap handles available in the tap room to accommodate.

“Our setup is ideal for experimentation,” Thomssen said. “We’re going to let our customers decide what they want, and we’ll make more of it; but we’re never going to stop trying new things and pushing ourselves to create unique, interesting beers.”

As for Thomssen’s LongShot award-winning beer, Raspberry Berliner Weisse, it will be available at Boiler Brewing Company on April 22, one day before Sam Adams releases it anywhere else.

For more information about Boiler Brewing Company’s grand opening, events, and featured beers, go to, call 402-261-8775, find them on Facebook, or visit the tap room, open seven days a week.


Anonymous said...

BBC? Do they not have the internets in Lincoln? Where I come from that stands for big black c...

Nate said...

Guess we know what you like

Anonymous said...

Yes, I like big black coffee. Don't you Nate?

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Anyways, thanks for proving my point. Clearly, BBC means the same thing to you too.