Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Surly Brewing Coming to Nebraska in May

From their press release...


MINNEAPOLIS – April 6, 2016 – After successful expansion across the Midwest over the last 18 months, Surly Brewing Company, the Twin Cities-based craft brewery, will continue to fuel its ever-growing army of fans, dubbed ‘Surly Nation’ by heading west and beginning distribution in North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska.

After limiting distribution for several years to focus on demand in its home state of Minnesota and to build its $30+ million Destination Brewery, Surly Brewing began to amp things up in late 2014 with a return to Chicago. In 2015, growth continued as Surly invaded neighboring Iowa and Wisconsin. Now, with its two brewing facilities producing even more beer and a solid foundation in its new markets, Surly is able to look west and begin servicing bar and retail accounts in three more states.

Omar Ansari, founder and president of Surly Brewing said: “We have been talking to Surly fans in North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska for ten years now, and every day we receive messages for them asking when we’re coming to their cities. Finally, we’re now able to pay them all back for their awesome support and patience by getting our beer onto their shelves and taps.”

Starting the week of Monday, May 2, Surly will be available at bar and restaurants and retail accounts, which are currently being determined and will be listed on the brewery’s website. To start, Surly Furious, Hell and Overrated will be featured on draft in bars and restaurants. An assortment of cans, including Bender, Coffee Bender, Furious, Hell, Cynic, Todd The Axe Man, and Overrated! will be available at the retail accounts.

Surly will be introducing itself to the three new markets with programs of events, showcases and ‘Surly Gives A Damn’ community projects in months-long invasion campaigns across the respective states.

“We’re excited to head west and Get Surly in new cities, meeting Surly fans old and new,” Ansari added. “But we’re going to be doing a lot more than just drinking beer, so look out for us as we engage with our new communities, get outside and have a blast with folks who share our appreciation for great beer.”

Surly’s existing partner Johnson Brothers will distribute the beer in both North Dakota and Nebraska, and parts of South Dakota. Global Distributing will also distribute Surly beer in South Dakota.

About Surly Brewing
Surly Brewing Co. is a Twin Cities-based craft brewery. Back in 2004, Omar Ansari, an obsessed homebrewer, had the idea of converting part of his parents' abrasives factory into a brewery. With the support of his family, and with the help of accomplished local brewer Todd Haug, they began brewing beer in 2006, named after the anger fueled by the inability to find good beer: Surly was born. Now, a decade later and thanks to the support of Surly Nation, Surly Brewing has become one of the largest and most popular breweries in the state and its beer can be found all over Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Chicago and will soon be available in Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Thousands of craft beer fans also visit Surly's new home every week, a $30-plus million Destination Brewery in Minneapolis, which opened in December 2014. The facility includes a Beer Hall, an events center and a full-service, upstairs finer dining restaurant, Brewer’s Table.

Surly's philosophy? Really, it's better poured than spoken or written. So, go Get Surly at Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Old news, they signed with Johnson like 2 weeks ago. You guy's really should get some sources instead of having to rely on reposing press releases/facebook posts/etc/

Anonymous said...

Often times we know things before they are released because the sources exist. We have good relationships with many people in the industry around the state and country so thanks for the tip. We choose to not break news that the company wants to break or the distributor wants to break themselves first. It has been our long standing policy to ask for permission first and they usually want to have a press release and control the message. We believe in integrity and promoting the craft beer industry in the state. Why do you keep reading our posts?

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