Monday, August 25, 2008

Beer Education geared toward Women

I love Nebraska Brewing Companies Newsletters. They are always loaded with great stuff for the beer geek to read and do in the area. I highly recommend you sign up and get on the list. I pulled this event coming up off of their recent newsletter.

9/14 Beer for Broads - (Titled in an endearing manner) Check out the editorial section below for some background on this one. The Craft Beer Community goes to great lengths when it comes to education and this one is set up just for women. I wonder how many guys are reading this and thinking the obvious? - a bunch of women all in one place and all downin' beers...

All I can say is, what a great idea! My wife's eyes were opened to great beer when we went to the strong beer festival at the Crescent Moon in February. She was amazed at the complex flavors that could be enjoyed. She always tries my homebrew but I don't brew a lot of big beers with all kinds of flavors so she has never seen that before. She does love my Wit though. So having an event like this for the women is great, it is a safe place for them to ask questions without us beer geek men getting in the way to brag about how much we know about the beer.

So Kudos Nebraska Brewing, Kudos to you!


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