Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lowering the drinking age?

I have posted a few articles on this in the past and I found another good blog article on it. I am a firm believer in teaching your kids to respect alcohol and not fear it. I believe a good understanding will better equip them to handle alcohol situations in the future. I am not naive to think that they won't drink underage, but I do believe that if it isn't a demonized product of consumption it will be used responsibly by most individuals. When something is forbidden, dangerous, wrong, etc. a teenager just sees something to try and find out why it is wrong or rebel with it.

Anyway, check this short blog out. What are your opinions. I have a long road to haul with my wife on how we are going to handle this with our kids but I think by enjoying a beverage nearly every night responsibly in front of my kids already I have started the process.

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nickspies said...

I agree with you too. However, it's a long road ahead. Changing the culture is going to be tough, but at least the subject is now getting some attention so a dialogue can be started between each side.

M.A.D.D. will be a big hurdle. They believe this will increase the DUI rates among that age group, which will contribute to more people getting killed on the highways.

Most European countries have lower drinking ages, and along with that lower alcoholism and binge drinking rates. I'm not sure about the DUI rates, however most of those same countries have stringent laws against drinking and driving which deters people most of time anyway.